How to change disinfectant cartridge

When levels of disinfectant in the machine’s reservoir are getting low, a red indicator light will flash on the left hand side of the machine. When the red light starts to flash on and off, unlock and open the lid at the top of the machine with the key provided in the box that the machine came in.

Remove the empty cartridge and place it in a recycling bin. Unscrew the lid of disinfectant cartridge but dont remove the seal. Place the cartridge into the reservoir with the seal facing down. An internal spike in the reservoir will release the disinfectant. Push the cartridge down, close and lock the lid of the machine. As the disinfectant is released into the reservoir the red indicator light will stop flashing.

A 900ml replacement disinfectant cartridge gives approximately 500 washes

Mediklean’s Disinfectant for Public Use:
Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v has been and used as an antiseptic in England since 1933.

Mediklean’s Disinfectant for Hospital Use:
Chlorhexidine 4% in Isopropyl Alcohol 70% w/v
Warning: Highly flammable!

Dont use near a flame (like a cigarette).