Mediklean is ideal to protect people from germs in

  1. hospital wards
  2. government departments
  3. banks
  4. airports
  5. dental & medical rooms
  6. schools
  7. shopping centers
  8. military bases
  9. restaurants
  10. sports stadiums
  11. factories
  12. offices
  13. hotels
  14. places of worship
  15. sports stadiums
  16. restrooms / toilets
  17. cruise ships

This machine will revolutionize the global Health and Hygiene Services Industry.
It is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.
The benefits of Mediklean’s 3-in-1 hand cleaning machine are

  1. It saves 90% water consumption compared to normal hand washing using a tap and sink.
  2. It uses 60% less electricity than standard hand dryers.
  3. It saves the need for expensive paper towels, therefore
    saving the world from deforestation.
  4. It protects the public from cross contamination of germs,
    due to the fact that people don’t have to touch anything.
  5. Mediklean’s disinfectants kills 99% of all bacteria and germs.